[ct-user] CT9.68 Score reporting

Bill Hider (N3RR) n3rr@erols.com
Mon, 26 Nov 2001 01:12:25 -0500

I used CT9.68 and found it flawless during operation this weekend.  But, the
report files: CALL.TXT (Cabrillo) and CONTEST.SUM report the score as 0
[Zero] after the contest.  The score during the contest, while using CT9.68,
was fine/correct.  This appears to be a score reporting problem.

I ran the CONTEST.BIN file using CT9.67 and both .SUM and .TXT  are
reporting correctly.

This is apparently a CT9.68 bug and I submitted it as such in the CT bug
report form.

Anybody else see this?

Bill, N3RR