[ct-user] More on the Super Check Partial bug

Mike Gilmer - N2MG n2mg@contesting.com
27 Nov 2001 06:43:12 -0800

I think a bug *has* crept into this window.  I used 
the -VGA switch during CQWW and later at work I tried 
non-VGA and it seems that in either case there wants 
to be 4 columns of calls (assuming that many 
qualifying calls of course) in that window but the 
fourth column is truncated at 3 characters.

Also, if there are more qualifying calls than the 
window can hold, the window shows the last-most 
(alphabetically) set of calls.  To me, it's more 
intuitive for the screen to show the first-most 
(alphabetically) set of calls (even better would be to 
list first the already-worked calls). This may have 
been a deliberate technical tradeoff.

73 Mike N2MG

On Tue, 27 November 2001, "David Molvin" wrote:

> Here is 1 call which will shed some more light on this problem.  BTW this is
> the latest 9.68...
> Looking for "DF0HQ"...
> When I put in "DF0" there are 23 calls in the SCP window.  Plenty of room
> left but DF0HQ" is not there.  He only shows up after I put in the "H" .
> Seems like he is out of the SCP window from the bottom.  Window formatting
> problem??

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