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Gary Yantis gyantis@midtec.com
Tue, 27 Nov 2001 18:19:40 -0700

I agree.  Also, I discovered the virus of the last few days only slightly
changes the e-mail address of the sender (the infected computer).  The virus
adds an underscore to the front of the address.  So, if you wish to notify
the owner of the infected computer, just drop the underscore in the return
address.  i.e _gary@w0tm.com is really gary@w0tm.com.   I've been notifying
quite a few.  In each case, in their reply, they said they had no idea their
computer was infected and sending out viruses on its own and, in each case,
they said they had no idea they needed anti-virus software since, to quote
one of them, "I only e-mail with people I know".

Gary, W0TM

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I have received several replies to my C2A posting. """THREE"""" had virus's.
I have Norton Anti-Virus so no damage was done. There is a virus spreading
wildly throughout the internet. If you don't have an anti-virus program
installed please do the rest of us a favor and turn your computer off until
you get one. They are very inexpensive and not only will protect you but
protect the rest of us.

MAL               N7MAL

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