[ct-user] which file

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Thu, 29 Nov 2001 08:28:57 -0800

K4OJ.txt renamed as K4OJ.LOG, probably K4OJ.TXT would still work.  Don't send in K4OJ.LOG, that isn't the Cabrillo file.   In addition, I would seriously look at it with a text editor.  The latest ct version 9.68.0002 has some Cabrillo problems in it, in that it thinks you ran an SSB contest rather than a CW contest.

At 11:09 AM 11/29/2001 -0500, Jim White, K4OJ wrote:
>which of the CT output files do I send to the CQWW committee?
>I don't think it is my bin file but mebbe I am wrong
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