[ct-user] CTWIN 9.63 reliability

Schettino Fabio fabio.schettino@media-planet.it
Thu, 6 Sep 2001 12:47:54 +0200

I am really starting to check the reliability of CTWIN, my plans are to use
it in the next CQWW Contest, in our activity from D44TC. We have 5 laptop
and we want to share the Ethernet facilities of Windows with the CTWIN
I had worked with K1TTT DOS based interface connecting about 12 PC in the
last M/M efforts from IG9, but really a support of the Windows Ethernet
sound  the best choice in particular on laptop were is always difficult
found the right packet drive for an anonymous cheap PC Card.

Is there some one that had tested it in some environment such as W98/W2000 ,
that can clear up some doubts ?

I had installed on two networked PC and QSO and ALT G flow correctly, but no
success to managing the radio and TNC with TELNET selection in the main
menu. Seem that this command isn't functional now.

Is there any way to stress the network as DOS /Serial based CONGEST,
avoiding to have another PC such us Serial/Ethernet Gateway ??

Any answer is appreciated, I will continue to check the system and summarize

73 de Fabio I4UFH

D44TC CQWW Phone 2001