[ct-user] IC761 help

Steve Lund wa8lly@pacbell.net
Wed, 03 Apr 2002 18:47:48 -0800

Dale Green, VE7SV, wrote:
> I am finally being dragged into modern day contesting and am currently
> trying to set up CT9.71 with an Icom IC761.
> I have been able to get it to bandchange successfully but when it switches
> to 40,80 and 160 the radio goes to USB instead of LSB.
The ICOM radio interface has been broken for some time (CT 9.6x). I
reported it last year. It was supposed to have been fixed in CT 9.68,
but wasn't. I have the same problem with my IC-735 that you describe
with your IC-761.

The biggest annoyance with this problem is on 40m. I remember to set VFO
A to LSB, but often forget to set VFO B to LSB when running split. Hard
to work DX, when you are calling on the wrong mode. 

Steve K6UM