[ct-user] CT Version for MM WPX??

David Robbins k1ttt@arrl.net
Tue, 30 Apr 2002 22:13:39 -0000

I used 9.68 here for so6r in wpx ssb and it didn't skip a beat.  That is
of course not nearly as much stress as m/m but is harder because there
is only one serial number sequence that must be tracked on all machines.

A note for everyone with recent versions and serial numbers in m/s or
s/o with networked machines... if the automatically generated serial
number gets messed up in m/s the way to recover is to shut down ALL the
networked machines at the same time.  Bring back up one machine by
itself with a COPY of the real log, then enter enough dummy qso's to get
the next serial number up to what it should be.  Then without shutting
that one off bring back up all the others.  Wait a minute for them all
to sync up, shutdown the one with the dummy qso's and bring it back up
with the real log, then you should be ready to run again.... while your
computer person is doing this you must of course log by hand on paper
and keep track of serial numbers manually, then enter them in order
after the computers are back up.

The complete shutdown is necessary because all the machines broadcast
their band breakdowns to the network about every 10 seconds.  All it
takes is one machine to broadcast a bad number and they all get
corrupted.  Shutting them all down forces CT to reinitialize the count.
If you use wintelnetx you can watch the counts and make sure you get the
right values when you do the 'fix' above by watching the 'k' messages.

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> Which version(s) are known to work for networked multi-multi's in WPX
> I've heard that only version 9.40 is solid for multi-multi's in WPX.
> release notes do say that the serial number problem was fixed in 9.40,
> I've heard that it got broken again in subsequent versions.
> Is this correct (or, what is the status)?  What version is recommended
> WPX MM at at DX location?
> Thanks,
> Ed - W0YK
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