[ct-user] CTWIN <-> DXTelnet

Fab Sarti dxtelnet@lycos.it
Fri, 30 Aug 2002 18:20:17 -0400

Hello All,
This is Fabrizio (IK4VYX)

I see with pleasure that CTWIN supports telnet connections.
This means that it can be easily interfaced to DXTelnet.

If you've never heard about it, DXTelnet can monitor dx spots 
from a variety of sources, simultaneously: Packet radio, Telnet 
(more than 50 nodes listed), IRC (the CQDX node), Web 
(the popular dxsummit web-cluster).

Please check 


where you will find a step by step describing how to proceed
in linking DXTelnet to CTWIN.

The same article explains some of the benefits in using
both the programmes linked together.

Just as an example, during a RTTY conetst, in DXTelnet 
you could define a "Select spots by word" filter, containing the string "RTTY"
DXTelnet would then feed CTWIN with only the spots that contain that word.

DXTelnet can be downloaded from:


To link the classic CT to DXTelnet, please check:


Thanks for your attention.

Fabrizio (IK4VYX)

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