[ct-user] NEQP - Where is NEQPSTAT.DAT ? FT1000-MP-V Com2 ?

Bill McNally mcnallyusa@msn.com
Sun, 12 May 2002 22:05:39 -0400

Decided to use CT 9.74 in the New England QSO Party.

Couldn't believe it crashed on the first entry.

Said "can't find neqpstat.dat file"?

Looked all over the CT website for above file.

Not to mention that my IC-765 started receiving "raspy
signals" on the higher bands (plastic capacitors probably
need to be updated to mica). So then the new FT1000MPV
wouldn't work correctly (bands don't agree with CT) on the Radio Com2 4800 - 
worked correctly with the IC-765!

73's  Bill  AE1D@arrl.net

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