[ct-user] SS Precedents

J. Edward (Ed) Muns w0yk@msn.com
Sun, 3 Nov 2002 02:59:51 -0800

I inadvertently started the CW SS with CT 9.40 and soon discovered that it
wouldn't, of course, accept U/M/S Precedents.  So, I kept a paper note of
the proper Prededent for each QSO that the program wouldn't accept.  Then, I
read my log (the bin file) with CT 9.81 and the Precedent column is blank!
(I had intended to edit the Precedent column with my paper informaition on
U/M/S precedents.)  However, if I go back and read the same bin file with CT
9.40, the Precedent infomation is still shown.  I plan to use CT 9.81 for
the rest of SS so that I don't have to keep a parallel paper trail on the
Precedents by continuing with the same bin file (I saved a copy just in case
...).  9.81 lets me go back to previous QSOs and change the precedent to 'U'
for example.  Then, when I read the bin file with 9.40, the 'U' is not there
, but rather the 'A' that I had to leave in for 9.40 to be happy.  When I go
back and read the same bin file with 9.81, the Precedent column is blank
except for the ones that I editted with 'U', etc.  Again, that same bin file
shows the original 'A' when I read it with 9.40.

But ... how do I get one merged log where the precedents can be seen?

Ed - W0YK