[ct-user] Set-Up With Windows 2000?

Ken Wolff kwolff@charter.net
Wed, 6 Nov 2002 20:27:03 -0500

This is not true. The LPT port can be manipulated by a kernel level
driver. In the case of CT we install TVIC32 to control the LPT. The
timing is generated by a real time callback from the OS originally
intended for multi-media applications applications. The Windows system
call is:

MMRESULT timeSetEvent(
  UINT uDelay,                
  UINT uResolution,           
  DWORD dwUser,               
  UINT fuEvent                

The callback function then calls the TVIC32 routine to manipulate the

73, Ken K1EA

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As far as I know, Windows 2000 is the "master" of the timing of the LPT 
port... therefore no real time CW is possible... Maybe somebody can

Christian, DL6KAC

At 12:18 06.11.2002, you wrote:
>Is there some magical set-up to use with Windows 2000?  In particular,
>I'm having problems with the keyer.  It sound like like software is
>trying to play a song, rather than generate the monotone you would
>expect, and the LPT port doesn't key the radio as it did on my old Win
>ME machine.
>Bill  W2ET
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