[ct-user] win2k and dos partition

Jir(i' S(anda jirka@jimaz.cz
Thu, 14 Nov 2002 21:36:48 +0100


I have still much better advise. Go out, visit some junkyard, find there
386 or 486 and you are all set with much better reliability and
problably much smaller problems with RFI !
Always remember W3LPL is running on 386. If it is fine for W3LPL is
sufficient for me ?
What is the answer ?

73 !


K4SB wrote:

 >9A5AEI writes:
 >>Another thing is if u run fdisk (Version Msdos 6.22) u cant see disk 
larger than
 >>8Gb... And always primary partition must be win98 or DOS!
 >One of the more simple things with 98 is just to copy the format and
 >fdisk files from
 >Windows\System onto the emergency start disk.
 >You can then use fdisk there, but DO NOT answer Y to the "Do you want
 >to enable large disk support?". It will then partition the whole drive
 >in FAT16, and MSDOS will run.
 >Forgotten what the exact number is, but 98SE cannot create a partion
 >over 20 or so gigabytes.
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