[ct-user] ts-2000/CT

Arie Kleingeld en Marian van Boheemen kkk.bbb@12move.nl
Mon, 25 Nov 2002 13:23:42 +0100


For the TS2000,  set CT to TS-50. That will do the job for freq-control etc.
Freq updates every half second from TRX to computer and instant switching of
clusterfreqs, bandswitches etc.
In the manual is a lot of info. For fast data interchange you can initialize
the ts2000 with a command, I think it was IA2. That can be done with a
simple terminalprogram. Then, do not switch off the ts2000 and connect it to
CT. Freq-updates in real time, CT sometimes reported a buffer-overrun :-)
Anyway, without the IA2 command (we used that trick in the CQWW SSB) the
TS2000 performed at PI4DEC during the CQWW CW as it should.
If you want more info, send a mail to Ad PA8AD, pa8ad@amsat.org , hes the
owner of the ts2000.

Arie, PA3AAM
member of PI4DEC