[ct-user] Release 9.82

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj@tampabay.rr.com
Sat, 30 Nov 2002 12:07:18 -0500

Tae Pit Ken,

It is hard for me to imagine even turning on the rig without using 
computer logging... I appreciate your pioneering, and continued support 
of, computer assisted contesting - thanks to your efforts a lot of us 
will get on since the nightmare of the post contest paperwork is gone.

I have especially enjoyed wokring with my cabrillo files via Excel (not 
as eloquently as K3NA mentions in NCJ this motnh) and using this 
information to better understand where I need improvement.

Thanks again for your contribution to contesting - without computer 
logging and the associated automation that came with it I probably could 
still justify hollow state rigs!


Jim, K4OJ

K1EA wrote:

>While at HC8N I did a bunch of work with radios I don't have at home.
>Both CT982 and CTWIN982 are available in http://www.k1ea.com/ctvault/
>This is from the release notes;
>* In CTWIN, you may now add a port number to the telnet address
>  For example: dxc.k1ea.com 7300
>  This connects to port 7300 on dxc.k1ea.com, which is the DXSpider 
>  connection.  The default port is 23 (telnet), which is accepted by
>  but not all IP connected clusters. DXC.K1EA.COM now accepts regular
>  23 as well as 7300.
>* A lot of work was done to make sure each band remembers its mode
>  and split status when changing bands. For example, 
>  running split on 40 sideband, jumping to a CW spot on 20, then
>  to split sideband on 40 should work.
>* There is still work to do to save and restore RIT, XIT and filter 
>  settings, but I'm getting there. When jumping to a spot, CT does not 
>  attempt to choose a mode and sideband based on frequency. This is a
>  pit I'm not ready to enter.
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