[ct-user] CT label question and...

k3ft@erols.com k3ft@erols.com
Fri, 29 Nov 2002 20:14:26 -0500


Has anyone been able to use CT for generation of labels for QSO's where you get ONE QSO
per each label, regardless of how many times you worked the same station? In other
words... Say I work XX1XX on 5 bands. I want to print out ONE label for each QSO instead
of getting 5 QSO's on one label. Can this be done using CT? I have read the manual (Yes,
I violated the Prime Directive HI!) and haven't seen anything relating to this specific

Barring that as a doable thing.. beyond getting Writelog or some other broadspectrum
application, has anyone any suggestions/diretion on where to get a program that will
print just ONE  QSO per label, even if for the same station?

As an aside, has anyone ever come across any applications that will take an Excel(tm)
spreadsheet file and turn it into ADIF compatible input for use in logging/label

I know.. a shot in the dark.. but the CT folks are pretty resourceful!

CHuck K3FT

C U on the 10M contest!