[ct-user] v9.65 and 756 Pro II

gdaught6@Stanford.edu gdaught6@Stanford.edu
Tue, 01 Oct 2002 17:37:16 -0700


I've got CT v9.65 working pretty well with my new 756 Pro II.  Set up for the mixed 
mode CQP, one thing it won't do is change modes when I hit CTRL-F1 or CTRL-F2.

The radio doesn't follow CT, and if I change modes by pushing the buttons on the 
radio, CT doesn't follow that, either.

It's no big deal... I'll probably remember to change both... but it would sure be nice if 
it worked as it should!

Can anyone offer any help?

vy 73 and CU on this weekend... CQP y'know!