[ct-user] CT9.81 - CQWW M2 Category

K1EA k1ea@contesting.com
Thu, 3 Oct 2002 10:01:58 -0400

I have added the new M2 category to CQWW. The Cabrillo output now has an
extra '1' or '0' at the end of each QSO line. This indicates station one
or station two.

As in the ARRL M2 category, it is very important that you use the RUN1
and RUN2 text commands to identify the stations. You can also toggle a
station, or QSO with ALT-Y. The band field in each RUN2 QSO is white on
blue. RUN1 QSO's have the usual black on cyan band label.

RUN1 and RUN2 are not identified by computer number because some
operations setup more than two operating positions then use two at a
time for M2 operation.

CT9.81 can be found at www.k1ea.com/ctvault.

73, Ken K1EA