[ct-user] CT networking questions

Ronald Stuy, PA3EWP rstuy1@chello.nl
Thu, 3 Oct 2002 18:55:30 -0000


For our upcoming DX-pedition and CQ WW SSB contest I am configuring my
But I have a few problems.

I am working with CTWIN 9.77 on 2 PC's running W2000.
Networkings seems to work well, communications between both PC's are ok.
But it is impossible to make a telnet connection to a DX-cluster from CT.

In the setup I configured TNC: TELNET

After approx. 20 seconds I get the messages: Could not open: <ip address>

Making a telnet connection from another window, it works fine.

I hope somebody can help me.

73 Ronald

Ronald Stuy, PA3EWP

PI4COM (Contestgroup Oude Maas)

LLDXT (Low Land DX-pedition Team)