[ct-user] CTWin 9.81 Crash

Hal Miller kb1zq5@swbell.net
Sun, 06 Oct 2002 19:25:08 -0500

I realize that CTWin is a Beta Version, but I would lke some =
information. I am using an IC-746 and when I try to use the 746 (56h) =
setting in 9.81.002 as soon as I get past the communications setup =
screen the program crashes with an illegal function.=20

However if I set the 746 to 46h which is the setting for the IC-775 all =
works well.=20

Is anyone else seeing this problem...

If not then, I may have something wrong here.=20

My settings are 4800 baud on com1 radio settings are CI-V address (46h) =
Transceive off, 731 mode off.

Thanks for the assistance

Hal, KB1ZQ
Tornado Alley
Del City, OK

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