[ct-user] band change

Doug Brandon n6rt@arrl.net
Sun, 13 Oct 2002 17:40:52 -0700

I was down at W6EEN today and we tried 9.81 for the first time.  With a 
pair of TS-950S rigs, ALT-F1/F2 worked very sporadically.  However, it 
would always work if I typed a frequency into the callsign field.  When the 
radio did not QSY with ALT-F1/F2, the radio would beep so it appears that 
CT is sending something, but the 950 doesn't like what it's seeing.  The 
radio interfaces are set for 4800 baud.

Also, when using COM4 connected to DX-Telnet exporting spots, CT does not 
see the spots.  If I switch to 9.77, it works ok.

    73 de Doug, N6RT

 >I Just loaded version 9.81.001 onto two computers.
 >The program will not change bands with alt-F1 or alt-F2, it does change =
 >bands by typing a frequency in the call field.
 >Any body seen this?