[ct-user] Recording With DVP

Bud Hippisley, K2KIR k2kir@telenet.net
Fri, 25 Oct 2002 10:05:26 -0400

At 11:32 PM 2002-10-24 , WRIX wrote:
>I'm using CT and have a DVP card in the computer.  I have recorded my CQ and
>Exchange messages with no problem.  I would like to know how to record the
>alphabet phonetically, letter by letter, so I can use another feature of the
>program.  I'm not able to find any instructions in ASCII format explaining
>this procedure.

You are looking for the "DVP Edit" function, accessible in earlier releases of CT by typing "DVP" on the logging line and pressing "Enter".

As best I can determine, DVP Edit works as of CT v. 9.63, then appears (from a review of the accumulated postings on the [ct-user] archives) to go in and out of operability with different revisions since then.  It does not work with 9.70 and 9.80 -- in my shack, at least.

I have asked Ken if there's a chance he could reinstate it, but have seen no response yet.

Experimenting a few weeks ago, I could get 9.63 to record and send 2-character and 3-character prefixes and suffixes, but could not get it to send individual characters.  As a test, I recorded the two-letter combinations "ON" and "UN", and then recorded the ten individual call area numbers.  (I know they're recorded because I can see the files on my hard drive.)  But when I typed "ON4UN" and hit the Insert key, what came out was "ONUN", with the "4" missing.  So then I recorded "ON4" and "UN", which came out properly.  (And, FWIW, I don't think these 2-character and 3-character combinations sound so bad.)

Until this morning I had hoped that one work-around might be to use 9.63 to record all my prefix and suffix combinations, and then use 9.80 or later to actually enter the upcoming contests.  Unfortunately, version 9.80 does not respond to call signs in the logging line -- if I type in "ON4UN", all I get for DVP audio output is "five nine oh five" (the exchange I've programmed into F2 for the CQ WW Phone contest).  So while it is still possible to store the function key messages in current versions of CT, it is not possible to send call signs.

Bottom line, for now at least -- if you want to use the DVP's full capabilities, it appears from my very limited experimentation that you will have to use an earlier version of CT.  Perhaps a flood of postings here might convince Ken that I'm not the only one interested in having the full DVP feature set reinstated.

Bud, K2KIR 

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