[ct-user] CTWin 9.81, radios & telnet

Hank Kohl k8dd@arrl.net
Wed, 30 Oct 2002 19:21:35 -0500

We used CTWin up in zone 2 at VC2C last weekend.

Had a few problems .....
1.  CTWin 9.81 would not telnet - not sure if it was an ISP problem, but it 
work on an old Win 98 laptop and an ME desktop.
      I ended up using WinTelnetX 4.11 and configured it to dump spots on the
      CTWin network.

2.  We had an IC-746Pro loaned from Radioworld (Toronto) - CTWin gave "Bad
radio type".  Set the address for an IC-735 (04h).
      In the ALT-J window it would not update the frequency unless you 
typed in
      the frequency that you were running on.  Other stations did not know 
if you
      were RUN or S&P.
      The same was true for my IC-746.

3.  One station had a TS-870.  No TS-870 in CTWin - Set it up as a TS-850.  It
would intermittently update the frequency on the ALT-J window - generally you
had to type in the RUN frequency.

4.  Could not send spots out through WinTelnetX.  Didn't see the spots on the
network screen either.

On the bright side, the two FT1000's, the TS-850 and the IC-756Pro worked fine.

73    Hank    K8DD