[ct-user] CT Radio support

K1EA k1ea@contesting.com
Thu, 31 Oct 2002 11:29:28 -0500

Jim and the rest of the Ct-User community,

I have been working and re-working the radio control code for weeks now.
I'm absolutely sure CT does what you want with respect to jumping from
split operation to a simplex or split spot and back OK.

The real big issue is that you can't push the XFC button on the 781 to
find a new TX freq and have CT know you have moved. The 781 gives no
indication that it is the second VFO moving around. All it knows is that
the "current display" is changing. You will *have* to use the '-' key to
type in the new freq when you find it.

Anyway, I'm fairly sure the radio control is working well on my TS940,
FT1000MP and IC781 for both CT/DOS and CT/WIN (XP and 2K) on my
particular computers.

Next I need volunteers for all those other radios, computers and
operating systems. I tried to be very careful with each flavor of Yaesu,
as they are ALL DIFFERENT. The ICOM's and Kenwoods have minor
differences, but still need testing.

What kind of radio are you using these days?

Thanks - Ken