[ct-user] CT9.xx <-> Rig control

VeeAthreePL - VA3PL VeeAthreePL - VA3PL" <va3pl@cuic.ca
Sun, 1 Sep 2002 15:14:40 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

When quit win98 to DOS then I can run CT 9.XX in DOS with comtsr and I am
able to get rig control talk to CT. =0D
I am unable to do the same thing in windows 98 under MS-DOS prompt.
Sometimes for some reason CT loads but no rig control but basically compu=
freezes on me almost every time.=0D
Is that mean that CT 9.XX will not run under win98 in MS-DOS prompt with
comtsr for rig control, or perhaps I do something wrong here.=0D
Is there any other way to get rig control in CT under windows 98?=0D
Andy - VA3Pl

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