[ct-user] help

Dick White KS0M@ktis.net
Sun, 8 Sep 2002 20:18:24 -0500

I know this is not a specific CT or RTTY question, but it has been a subject
addressed on the reflectors. Sorry to take up the band width, but I need
some advice.  I have had a long list of radio and computer problems this
year and still trying to solve them.  I may have to get a new computer as my
present one is nothing but problems. I am thinking about going to the
Windows XP operating system.

Question: How will XP affect my DOS  CT and WF1B RTTY programs ?  I also am
using a KAM PLUS for RTTY and the Hostmaster DOS soft ware.
Am I asking for trouble going for XP or will these programs work ok ?
Should I forget the KAM and go to the sound card ?
The new computers have USB  and not the ports my present one has. How do I
handle this ?

I have not been able to work RTTY or CW contests the past few weeks and I
want to get back into contesting and also regular RTTY qso's.  I have been
out considerable expense on the radio and other stuff and do not want to
make a move if it just makes new unsolvable problems for me. Comments to me
direct appreciated. Some day I hope to get back to whatever normal was.

73....Dick  KS0M

Richard C. "Dick" White           ks0m@ktis.net
Fulton, MO. 65251-2215