[ct-user] Bug CT 9.80

D.Christen 101491@ticino.com
Sat, 21 Sep 2002 10:55:55 +0200

While testing CT9.80 in a Network Configuration with 3 PC's and a Radio
Control (TS870 and TS950) we noticed the following Problems.

The control of Kenwood Radios doesn't work well. The frequency doesn't
switch with ALT-F1 and ALT-F2. The olnly thing that switches is the mode
USB or LSB but not the Band.
With the Release 9.71 no problems.

Other Problems:
With release 9.71 if a QSOP comes from the Network the PC is blocked.
The only release without any problems is the 9.67.

Anyone has noticed the same problems or have suggestions ?

Many thanks from HB9CIP Dan