[ct-user] CT and bad numbers!

K4SB k4sb at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 2 18:17:53 EST 2003

k1ttt at arrl.net wrote:
> it may have been that another band was around 249, but why did it go to 799
> then 249?  also most of the other ones i found after the contest it backed up
> by one number or just repeated the previous number.

May the good Lord forgive me for offering advice to Dave, but let's
assume the flaw is in the program. Would not the more simple fix be to
set the serial number at one spot in the program, and then have all
others ( including the master ) made to request a serial number? The
master could then send the number, increment itself, and wait for the
next request. Only the master would have control. Of course, the last
number used would have to be saved to the HD or floppy in case you
shut down, voluntarily or not.

And probably, a command to be added to manually set the nuumber on
reboot just in case the machine claims it lost it.



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