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Robert Morris rsmorris at worldnet.att.net
Tue Apr 8 11:59:34 EDT 2003

Not necessary here to set COMTSR1 to   -N82
Just COMTSR1 when the Yaesu radio is on COM1.
It would appear that when you specify a Yaesu radio, this
is done for you.

Just my observation

Take care

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I am guessing Ken (no callsign)- did you download CT but have no manual?

First, start CT and set Radio1/Radio2 to NONE.  In the port setup screen,
ports should be set to NONE.  When you get the logging screen, ALT-F1/F2
move the band up and down on the logging screen only.

Now if you want to have radio control (assuming port COM1 for now):

Load COMTSR1 with the parameter -N82 - Yaesu radios need 2 stop bits.

Now run CT, set RADIO1 to FT990, and in the port setup screen, make sure
says RADIO1 and 4800 baud.

Now in the CT logging screen, type 21025 and see if your radio QSYs to that
frequency.  Bring up the ALT-J window and spin the dial - does the window
your VFO frequency?  Finally, try ALT-F1/F2 to see if your radio follows CT.

Note that you should be running only DOS for this experiment, not DOS in a

73 - Jim AD1C

--- Ken Goetz <kgoetz at mhcable.com> wrote:

> Thanks to those who have responded so far. The lack of band change is
> happening before I even tell the program I wish to control a radio! This
> happening with the basic program. The program opens with 20 meters as the
> default band, and I cannot change this. I'm sure it's something I'm doing,
> but I cannot see what. The computer is a Pentium III at 640 MHz with 384
> ram. (My radio is a Yaesu FT990, but I haven't gotten to that with the
> program yet).

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