[ct-user] Upgrade computer strategy

Carl Herrera - WC4H wc4h at itis.net
Tue Aug 5 19:44:44 EDT 2003

I totally disagree about your XP comments.  It is full of features that are
not included in W2K Pro including Terminal Services server.  It is also rock
solid.  It can do anything W2K Pro can and then some.  XP is the next level
after 2000.  It is based no the proven NT platform and unlike the ME fiasco,
it works well and runs just about anything.

Frankly, if it does not run on XP, it's probably not worth running.

If you don't like the GUI, you can have it "look" like 2000.


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Hi Ted - I can't give you advice regarding CT vs. CT for Windows.  (I am not
using them anymore due to having W2000 as sole OS on
the machine since late 2000).

I will say that support for Windows 98 by Microsoft (i.e.; security patches
for OS, Outlook/Outlook Express and IE) was discontinued

MS Support for Win 98 SE Will end January 11, 2004.

Windows ME is still supported and like 98, can boot into DOS.

If your OS is connected to the internet for mail or web, you need up to date
security, and it is not available for older OS's thanks
to Microsoft.

If you do go with an NT based (No DOS) system, I recommend Windows 2000 Pro
over Windows XP.  XP is full of mis-features that are a
pain for users.

If you want dual boot, install/upgrade to 98 SE or Win ME and then insert
the windows 2000 CDROM and it will give you the choice of
upgrade or dual boot and do it all for you.

Also, I would like to Plug YCCC member Tom, N1MM's logger, which runs on
2000 etc.
Real support, unlike Writelog, and free.  Better human factors.

Please reply if this info generates any questions.

John, K1AE

John Allen  - Computer HW/SW/Network debugging, installation, maintenance,
and upgrades
PC House Calls:  www.pcsupportsolutions.com
Also Electrical Engineer leader / manager  - analog, digital, RF, Board,
ASIC, and Signal Integrity.  mailto:jallen at vhfcom.com  978

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> Time to start upgrading my motley crew of  486s - they are too old and
> the hardware unreliable now.
> Replacing my "main" computer first - besides running CT during contests,
> I'll probably run the odd windows app and (gasp) even WriteLog for the
> tests not supported by CT. I've only run regular CT, never the Windows
> version before.
> What should I - put Windows 98 on it so I can boot as DOS, something
> more modern and setup dual boot (however that done), or just say the
> hell with it and run CTWin (and any issues with networking with DOS CT
> then?)
> Comments/advice?
> 73
> Ted KT1V
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