[ct-user] Upgrade computer strategy

Carl Herrera - WC4H wc4h at itis.net
Tue Aug 5 19:51:41 EDT 2003

Windows XP Pro will run all of them.  That's what I use.  By going to the
older operating systems, you'll exclude yourself from the big advantages of
XP or 2000.

It is also rock solid (based on the NT platform).

Note:  If you install XP or 2000 use NTFS *not* FAT and *not* FAT32.


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Time to start upgrading my motley crew of  486s - they are too old and
the hardware unreliable now.

Replacing my "main" computer first - besides running CT during contests,
I'll probably run the odd windows app and (gasp) even WriteLog for the
tests not supported by CT. I've only run regular CT, never the Windows
version before.

What should I - put Windows 98 on it so I can boot as DOS, something
more modern and setup dual boot (however that done), or just say the
hell with it and run CTWin (and any issues with networking with DOS CT

Ted KT1V

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