[ct-user] CTWin Networking using CAT5 cable "splittters"

k1ttt at arrl.net k1ttt at arrl.net
Wed Aug 6 19:53:21 EDT 2003

> > Whatcha think?  Seems like I would save on the ferrites and connectors 
> > that two individual runs would require plus since I plan on pulling 
> > these through electrical conduit for enhanced shielding I would have 
> > half as many wires to pull!
> There may be some advantage to running the Cat-V through metal conduit,
> but to be a truly effective shield at RF you need to bond all the joints
> plus ground it at a single point common to your station RF/protective
> ground.  However, since Ethernet uses two wires for each signal path,
> common mode rejection exists which is quite effective at rejecting RF it
> seems.  I have a friend with networked computers and uses an amp with no
> ill effects.  I've never had a problem with my small shack network and
> 100 Watts to a wire antenna.

i run some cat 5 and some coax network here.  the only problem i have had was 
with a cheap (read plastic case) router/hub combo that would generate 
collisions when we used full power on the 80m verticals that were about 50' 
from the house.... but only if two or more cables were plugged into it.  i went 
to an old (read metal case monster) hub to split out the other computers that 
needed the feed and it was fine.  a good new router/switch (read NOT cheap) 
works fine with 5 cables and isdn connection with 6 stations at full power... 
so cable is not a problem, i think most every one i have heard of who has 
problems with ethernet and rf is likely because of cheap hubs... the next 
experiment here will be 802.11b/g wireless for a new logging

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