[ct-user] CTWin and Win2KPro

Jim Pratt n6ig at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 8 21:08:31 EDT 2003


I decided to fiddle with CTWin to learn a bit more about it.  I first 
downloaded 9.90.07 to a Win98SE machine and ran it.  It works fine, as I can 
tell, able to alt-Enter to go to full screen, and can move windows around 
with the mouse.  I had read something on the reflector about the -vga option 
and that it didn't necessarily work on 98SE.  I tried it...it doesn't (at 
least on this machine).

The same reflector posting mentioned that the -vga mode worked on Win2000 
and XP machines.  I then downloaded 9.90.007 to a machine running Win2000Pro 
Service Pack 4 and tested it.  It comes up...but when I alt-Enter, the 
screen gets bigger, but the CT portion only occupies the amount of screen it 
did before I did a full-screen switch.  Also, when I try and drag a window 
around, it doesn't move, and things smear on the screen.

I did a full install per the instructions on the website;  I then downloaded 
again, thinking I may have screwed something up, and "repaired" the 
installation from the setup wizard.  Still the same.

I never did try the -vga option to see if it worked.

Am I doing something wrong?  Is CTWin indeed compatible with Win2KPro?  Do I 
need to tweak some other settings?

Thanks and 73.

Jim  N6IG

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