[ct-user] CT Bugs???

ku8e at bellsouth.net ku8e at bellsouth.net
Mon Aug 11 18:42:40 EDT 2003

   The current version on CT that is available on the website has all types
 of bugs for WAE (or maybe I was doing something wrong ??). I had no other 
 logging program to use for WAE (and QTCs) so I just quit the contest out of 
 frustration. I was running the DOS version in DOS , not in Windows. Here is 
 what I experienced :

 #1) Radio control for TS830S did not work. I know my interface box works 
     because it works with NA .

 #2) Serial numbers jump to 001. I figured out this happens when you log
     out of the program and start it again. There is a little known command
     SETSERIAL that resets the numbers. We had this same problem at NQ4I
     during WPX SSB. 

 #3) The log kept switching to 20 meters everytime I logged a QSO - no matter
     what band I was on. I figured out later that if I rebooted the computer
     and reset the program for the NONE for radio control and removed the
     setup for the COM port back to NONE it stopped doing this.

     Anyone else ever experienced any of these problems ??? Thanks.

                          Jeff KU8E

PS - Does anyone know if there is a way to move back to the previous QTC after you have pressed the + button ???


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