[ct-user] CT 9.90 and WAEDC

ha6nd ha6nd at dx.hu
Wed Aug 20 08:49:22 EDT 2003

HG6N started with version  9.89.002 @ DOS 6.22, which was used during WPX
and IARU without serious problem.
We used only two computers with serial networking. No radio attached to the

I can also confim Ben's comment a,b,c. We tested version 9.90.007 - the same
result:  received QTC's are not sent through the network.
The problem is with the sending side. When we replaced software on computer
#1 with old version  9.40, it can send QTC's
to computer #2 ( version 9.89).
So we "downgraded" both computer to 9.40 and used special file of CTY.DAT to
get correct multiplier tracking.

All the CT9  DOS version has the same crushing problem:  when we are on
ALT-G windows and typing message,
and there are heavy network traffic, sometimes CT crashes. The more the
network traffic ( high cluster traffic or good pileups),
the more crushes occures.
The number of  this  type of crushes ( typing in Alt-G window)  varies
between  1-4 within 48 hours.

73 & DX George  ha6nd at dx.hu , hg6n at dx.hu

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