[ct-user] Interworking Win CT & DOS CT on a loop network

Andy Cook, G4PIQ g4piq at btinternet.com
Tue Dec 2 07:52:32 EST 2003

I asked about this before going to 5U for the contest and never got a chance
to post on the response to the lst that a few folks asked for, but as you'll
see below, Ken told me that CT Win does work fine in -loop mode. I can
confirm that - we ran one laptop this year with Win CT and the rest with DOS
CT on a loop network and all was well with the world!

Thanks everyone for the QSOs from 5U5Z.


Andy, G4PIQ.

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CtWin works fine in -loop mode. I took an XP laptop to HC8N last year and
that is what we used to tie packet into the network. Just create a shortcut
to start CT and add the appropriate switched to the program line. For

"C:\Program Files\K1EA Software\CtWin\ctwin.exe" cqww  -vga -loop

If you use Win CT you can select telnet as the packet connection and connect
to your favorite cluster. NT networking can use Ethernet or a serial port,
depending on your hardware.

73, Ken

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> Subject: [ct-user] Interworking Win CT & DOS CT on a loop network
> Off to 5U5Z in a week and it crawls out the woodwork that one of the
> laptops that is available this year is Windows 2000 only. Does anyone
> have any experience of interworking Win CT and DOS CT via a serial port
> loop network - I have a feeling that Win CT doesn't support -loop - can
> anyone confirm or deny  - I'm not sure how you'd tell it to start in
> loop mode anyhow . I've also tried interworking Ethernet with NETTSR
> with a loop network in the past and that didn't work either. Any
> suggestions?
> 73,
> Andy, G4PIQ
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