[ct-user] 9.92.001 keying & cty.dat corrections

Bill Tippett btippett at alum.mit.edu
Tue Dec 2 19:15:29 EST 2003

At 06:22 PM 12/2/03, WO2N wrote:

>I was using 991
>I think if I used ++ and -- in hot keys my 32 wpm would race away. I had to
>keep setting it back to 32 wpm (altV)
>I finally cleared the  varied speed in hot keys, then it stabilized.

         This sounds exactly like the problems I was having with 9.92.
I use the + and - keys extensively in my F1-F3 keys and "racing away"
describes what was happening.  I wasn't smart enough to figure out
what was causing it but just aborted and reloaded 9.81 and everything
worked OK.  I'll copy Ken on this message since it appears it is a
genuine bug for at least 9.91 and later, and not just unique to me.

         While he looks into the CW sending routine, I'm also going to
also suggest he look at the following in this priority:

1.  I've long noticed that if you ESC a keyed sequence, the next time
you hit F1 there are apparently remaining characters in the buffer that
are sent before the normal CQ message.  This has been a problem
for as long as I can remember, e.g. I often interrupt my + key which
sends F3 (+++TU) and F4 (W4ZV).  If I ESC after it sends TU, my
next F1 has gibberish before the programmed sequence.  I often
do this if I know someone else is waiting who knows my call.

2.  As KC1F noted, changing speed during a message sequence
with Alt- V/F9/F10 sometimes does strange things.

3.  An automatic adjustment to vary weighting with speed.  It sounds OK
at speeds >32 WPM but sounds a little light to my ears at 32 and below.

4.  Why is it that when you program something like +++CQ --W4ZV
  W4ZV +++TEST it takes one less minus than plus to reset the
speed to whatever is set with Alt V?  Seems like it should take
the same number of plusses and minuses.

         Hopefully Ken can at least look at these when he fixes the
bug mentioned above.  Christmas is near so we can wish can't we?

                                         73,  Bill  W4ZV 

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