[ct-user] CT Ethernet Network Question

AB2E Darrell ab2e at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 8 13:33:24 EST 2003

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to troubleshoot a network problem. I have 3 PCs running 
CTWin9.92 with Ethernet. The first 2 machines work fine, all spots show up 
in the packet windows, gab works, and rig control works and displays in the 
alt-J display. The 3rd machine is not talking with the others. The settings 
are correct, but there must be another problem. Also when I attempt to ping 
the 3rd PC it timeouts. All adapter cards have the green light, I have 
double checked the slot for each. I tried a different cable to the 3rd PC. 
Any suggestions? Also tried releasing/renewing the adapter card address with 
winipcfg. All PCs are running Win98 SE. Tried deleting and reinstalling 
drivers for 3rd PC adapter. I'm thinking perhaps I have a problem with the 

1st PC                          2nd PC                  3rd PC
TCP/IP                        TCP/IP                   TCP/ip                

CT Settings
Station 1                    Station 2               Station 3
TNC on Com2             TNC Remote          TNC remote
Rig on Com1               No rig                   No rig
Log names unique for all 3.
All other settings same....ie category, etc.
All 3 PCs using the -enet at the end of the properties line in the shortcut.

Any suggestions or ideas? Am I overlooking something obvious?
Any help appreciated.
73 Darrell AB2E

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