[ct-user] State QSO Party .dat files

John Shannon jsk3wwp at alltel.net
Wed Dec 17 12:17:03 EST 2003

Are there .dat files usable with CT for other state QSO parties available on
the Internet somewhere?

Before I re-invent the wheel and make up my own, I'd like to know so I can
simply download them rather than going through a lot of work.

I know you can use CT in the CQP mode for any state QSO party with # and
county as the exchange, and likewise the FQP mode for those that only use
the county as the exchange. All you need is a proper county file that is
re-named to CQP.DAT or FQP.DAT and you're in business.

If there aren't any already available, I'll make my own and share them.

Oh, and one other question, what are the numbers for at the end of each line
in the CQP and FQP dat files? I can't see any logic to them.

I mean for example in the CQP.DAT file::

MARN:      MARN;        6
MARP:      MARP ;       6
MEN:       MEN;         2
MER:       MER;         3

Probably something obvious I'm just not seeing.


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