[ct-user] A wish

Ken Brown ken.d.brown at verizon.net
Wed Dec 17 18:14:30 EST 2003

I wish I could turn off the "out off band" checking function, and make 
CT just accept the frequency data from the radio. I want to use CT 9.84 
in ARRL VHF QSO PARTY mode for the Stew Perry Contest. ARRL VHF QSO 
Party is the only one which has grid squares as one of the fields. Stew 
Perry Contest uses grid squares. I have used CT using VHF QSO Party mode 
for the Stew Perry before, and it works fine. I can edit the log later 
to give it the right name in the Cabrillo file. I don't care that my 
score does not get calculated correctly, the contest sponser takes care 
of that from the Cabrillo file. I have had to turn off the radio 
frequency readout interface to stop the "out of band" error. I would 
rather have the frequency control/readout working.

Ken N6KB

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