[ct-user] Support for NAQP - Wanted ???

alsopb alsopb at gloryroad.net
Thu Dec 18 07:41:19 EST 2003

This whole issue of non-supported contests could be helped a lot by
the contest sponsors.

If they just formatted scoring and exchanges so that they could mimic
one of the numerous existing supported contests it would be win-win. 
They would benefit from increased participation and we would benefit
from having the contest already available.

Note: Someone (preferably the contest sponsors) would have to shoehorn
their mults into either sec files or country files.  So what?  Do it
once and be done with it.
We would then just have to load the appropriate SEC/CTY files for the
contest of interest and call it say a WWCW contest.

In my opinion, it is just an ego trip on the part of the sponsors to
make their contest "different" and hence seem more important.

73 de Brian/K3KO

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