[ct-user] Support for NAQP - Wanted ??? - REPLY

R Johnson k1vu at tmlp.com
Fri Dec 19 17:01:33 EST 2003

Since I started this thread, I will go out of my way to respond to this message !!!

In my 32 years as a Ham it has been my good fortune to run across only a handful of
truly obnoxious people like you that masquerade as Hams !!!

I consider your attack on the Ham community as being "cheap" was uncalled for
and completely despicable !!!

If that's what you think of Hams, why be one ???

Next I PURCHASED CT !!!  I've been using CT since Ver. 5.07 !!!

I've been trying to what might precipitate the response we got from you. 
-Maybe You are:
-Just a "Truly Nasty" person by nature
-Have no Social Skills
-Have no friends
-Trying to get rid of any remaining friends
-Trying to make sure no comes back to your CQ's
-Off your medications
-Ran out of Preparation H
-Have a hangover


Bob, K1VU

*******Detailed Response to you points below ****************
At 18:16 12/17/2003 , Jim White, K4OJ wrote:
>What do you guys have against NA?

NOTHING, remember this is the CT List !!!
Would I go to the NA List and ask why don't you use CT ???? NO !!!

>It works just like CT, and is even easier to use in the sense that you do not have to do those comtsr's - set it and forget it...

Are you selling NA ????
That's nice, I never had a problem using CT !!!

>Oh that's right - these are hams... now that Ken has made CT freeware you want him to add more contests to it too so you do not have to buy anything... but, you will spend thousands for a transceiver... now that it is necessary to spend money in order to have software for a contest CT does not support there is an issue... c'mon.

So what if CT is now freeware, that was Kens decision. Live with it !!!
I think you'll find most Hams on this list PURCHASED CT !!!
FQP and NEQP contests were unsupported by CT until PAYING users requested that they be added.
I see no reason why not to request NAQP !!!

>A lot of us have supported both programs... for me, routinely I:

A lot of us use and support other programs other than CT !!!

>use NA for Sweepstakes, ARRL Ten and of course the Florida QSO Party...
>use CT for the CQWW and the ARRL DX

Glad it works for you !!! Personally I like just ONE "Contest Logger" and
ONE "General Logger" !!!

>...they operate slightly differently, and I like the new CTWin's ability to network easily via ethernet...which makes it a good pick for multi-singles and multi-ops... like others have noted I need ot be on the lookout for more RAM as was evidenced in the CQWWCW MM - but, otherwise the software worked fine... it is my hand me down computers that were the achilles and not the software which came to me no charge thanks to K1EA.

Let me see if I've got this straight.
YOU get CT for FREE and then complain that a PAYING customer requests that NAQP be added to CT. Then you call the entire Ham community CHEAP for using the CT Freeware that Ken gave them.

Gee, "Hand me Down Computers" !!!  Maybe you should BOUGHT a NEW computer to run YOUR FREE
software on instead of spending "thousands for a transceiver" !!!
YOU seem a bit IRRATIONAL and INCONSISTENT here. Also HYPOCRITICAL may well apply to you !!! 

>I just hope the same guys who want one software package to do it all are not the same guys who moan when someone loses a job because a WalMart or Home Depot moves into their town....

Each Ham might choose ONE "Contest Logger" for his use, however with the myriad of
logging programs available to the Ham Community, I don't think you will ever see ONE
"Contest Logger" become the ONLY "Contest Logger" available.  Hams have a wide variety
of personal tastes and opinions. Some swear by Fords, some Swear at them !!!
The only way to have ONE Logging Program is someone with dictatorial powers decreed it.
Would you like to volunteer to help us out???

>In the future I will be looking at programs written in the Windows Era versus those originally written during the DOS era... and I may end up with several of those... of course, it would be nice if they were NC but if they cost a reasonable sum I will find a way to fit them into the budget...

What??? Are you a "Cheap Ham" looking for NC software ????
I thought you said Hams "will spend thousands for a transceiver" but not on software !!!

>Mebbe Scrooge is on some other minds here...

Yes, the K4OJ Scrooge !!!

>Season Greetings and thank you to K1EA for changing contesting for the better for all of us!

On this point we agree.
Thank you Ken et al for CT and all the support thru the years.

>Jim, K4OJ
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