[ct-user] Re: C2A

Augie Hansen augie.hansen at comcast.net
Wed Dec 31 17:36:06 EST 2003

> No matter what I do (delete old copy, download direct to floppy using
> "Save
> Target As", open online with winzip etc) I still get v2.5 off the web....
> I
> wonder if someone else could try it?

Sounds like you're getting a cached copy, possibly from your own local
storage. Did you try a "reload" operation in your web browser? That should
force the server to spit out a fresh copy of the page, which will then lead
you to the correct copy of the ZIP file.

73, Gus Hansen / KB0YH
Email: KB0YH at arrl.net or augie.hansen at comcast.net

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