[ct-user] crash with WRITELOG

Alan Harp k4pb at arrl.net
Tue Jul 1 00:09:55 EDT 2003

On the computer where I had a fatal error executing WRITELOG after the field
day contest:

I loaded CT DOS and transfered the .BIN file to that directory.  CT DOS 9.90
loaded the .BIN file that was created with CT WIN  with no problem.
WRITELOG executed with no problem.

For some reason I can't get the serial port to control the radio on this
computer in the DOS version.

I have been using an old IBM PS2 laptop for CT.  This 386 machine worked
many contests with CT for me over the years.  I loaded the new version 9.90
with the ability to send CW with a paddle on the serial port.  I used this
program to run the Florida QSO party.  The real time clock on the computer
ran slow and all the QSO times are off.  The clock lost over an hour before
I noticed this.  Later testing showed that the real time clock looses time
when CT DOS is launched even if there is no activity such as logging or
sending CW.

So when I ran CT DOS on this pentium lap top with Windows 98 I was cautious
about the time.  There was no problem with the clock.  The problem that I
observed running CT DOS on the 386 laptop did not occur with the
pentium/windows 98 machine.

I would advise anyone using old computers with CT DOS to be sure that the
program is not effecting your clock.

Alan K4PB

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