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Fri Jul 4 21:30:21 EDT 2003

While I agree with Mr. Johnson's procedures, you may elect to ignore the
date/time concerns as arrl only asks for a dupe sheet for entry.

Brad - N8SNM
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Hi Jim:
First you can merge all of the separate CT logs into one large CT .BIN file
using the "MERGE" utility found on the CT Web Site.  This is what we used to
for our FD setup with non-networked computers. Worked well !!!

Now for your "rouge log".  CT has a set of utilities to convert BIN to ASCII
and ASCII to BIN (R2B9).  If you can get an ASCII output from your "rouge
log", you
can use your text editor to make it look like a CT ASCII file and then
convert that
to a CT BIN file that can be merged with all the other CT BIN's. I'd convert
a sample
CT BIN to ASCII to use as a format guide. I have never used this method
myself, it's
just a possible approach.

If that doesn't work and the "rouge log" isn't to big, you can just open a
CT FD log and type in the Q's by hand.  BE SURE to set the COMPUTER
DATE/TIME to the
FD DATE/TIME before you enter any Q's.  It will save you a lot of work in
STAGE" !!!  Be sure to change the computer DATE/TIME when the "rogue log"
dates change
from Sat to Sun.

At this point you have a CT log just like all the others EXCEPT that all the
are WRONG, but the DATES are CORRECT.  Now the "Fun Part", you get to edit
each QSO
using CT's ALT-F function.  Just start with QSO #1 and work your way down
the list
entering the correct time for that QSO.


When done, do a "Writelog" and compare both logs for accuracy.  If your
satisfied, merge
it with the other CT files and do a final "Writelog" to get the final BIG

It helps to have a second person to help reading the info from the "rogue
log" to you
while you type it into CT as a double check.  Maybe the generator of the
"rogue log" Hi Hi.

I have used this method myself with great success getting all (most) of my
"PRE-CT" paper
logs into CT ADIF format for submission to eQSL and LoTW and entering into
my main Logbook
LOGic 5.

Whatever you do MAKE 2 SETS of BACKUPS of your ORIGINAL FD BIN's, WRITE
PROTECT them and
put them in a SAFE PLACE.  You have been WARNED !!!

Our club FD rules were "EVERYONE USES THE SAME SOFTWARE", CT !!!  We had a
number of old
club computers loaded with CT, one for each station.  If someone wanted to
use their own
computer, we would load CT on it and they WOULD LEARN to use it.  We also
had enough people
available as "Loggers" who knew how to run CT.

Out of curiosity, what program was used to generate the "rogue log" and how
many Q's ???

Let me know how you make out.  I'll try to think of other ways to solve you
Maybe someone else on this list has a better idea.

Bob, K1VU /ex:WA1OFR

At 22:50 7/3/2003 , you wrote:
>I guess I was dreaming sometime before Field Day. Is it possible to
>ADIF files into CT? I thought it was but now that I look over the web site
>all I see is a C2A 'export' utility. All my Field Day logs except for one
>are in CT, I would rather import the one 'rogue' log rather than export the
>whole thing to Writelog.
>Have I missed something?
>Jim, KK1W
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