[ct-user] Mode change problem on CTwin 9.90.007

Juha Rantanen oh6xx at sral.fi
Mon Jul 7 17:07:37 EDT 2003


I don't know if anyone else experienced this but a bit over week ago we were
at EU184 IOTA island on a small dxpedition and tried to run CTWin 9.90.007
on a three different laptops there. Everything else seemed to work ok but we
weren't able to change modes on any of the bands when we were using the
dxpdn mode of CT. On 20m the mode was on CW and the CTRL F1 and F2 didn't
change the mode. All the other bands were on SSB (even 30m) and the mode
change didn't work. We didn't have our radios connected to the computers so
I don't know if that might have worked but at least the manual mode change
didn't. Has anyone else noted this or was it just us? The solutuion we had
to do was to download older CtWin from K1EA's site and work with that one
(which worked flawlessly throuhout the 4 days we were there).

Juha OH6XX

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