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Ed Parish K1EP k1ep at arrl.net
Fri Jul 11 21:51:15 EDT 2003

At 04:42 PM 7/11/03 -0700, Gus Bogard wrote:
>I am a purchaser of CT from the first version.  I had a problem and
>requested a fix and you sent me a zipped copy of 963.  I used extract wizard
>to extract and it didnt get the cty.dat file.  Consequently, ct wont boot.
>What could I do to resolve this situation.

First, this is a list of users and one can not usually expect a reply from K1EA on the list.  The latest version of CT is now at 9.90, which can be downloaded from www.k1ea.com .  The DOS download file contains only the ct.exe executable and none of the support files.  The cty.dat file should not have changed much since your last version.  It is simply an ascii file that can be edited by you.  A version of cty.dat, as well as most other .dat files, is also available on the website for downloading.  The field day section file again is just an ascii file that doesn't change, unless of course there is a new section added.  When this happens, you can edit the file with any ascii editor.   If you are referring to the new classes of F for EOC operation, I believe that it was available in the latest CT version.

>New question:  Will you be including fox section code for next Fieldday?  ei
>1f 2f 3f etc.
>mni 73's
>Gus Bogard WM6J
>wm6j at arrl.net
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