[ct-user] Log checking Revisited

VE3DZ va3uz at rac.ca
Sun Jul 13 20:04:48 EDT 2003

after you create CABRILLO format  just edit it manually but putting extra letter.
5 minutes job.
73 Yuri

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> Regarding the recent thread where it appears log checkers have some latitude
> in determining whether we copy an exchange correctly or incorrectly.
> Here is an excerpt from this weekend with PJ2HQ. CT did not allow enough
> room to type the exchange and as a result I result I could be penalized even
> though I copied the exchange correctly(VERONA).
> PJ2HQ         599 VERON (This from the Cabrillo file)
> I participate for fun but for some of the 'big-guns' one or more points
> reduced because the logging software didn't leave room could spell doom.
> MAL                N7MAL
> www.citlink.net/~suzyq/N7mal.htm
> www.geocities.com/n7mal
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