[ct-user] RE: [CQ-Contest] Log checking Revisited

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Mon Jul 14 20:21:51 EDT 2003

What - and not enjoy the

"end of the world" and "I am gonna be disqualified and it isn't my 
fault" rhetoric...

It is much more fun to try and topple the regime... same guys moaning 
about this probably are probably parsing the past state of the Union 

It is one thing to note a shortcoming n some logging software, it is 
another to jump to the forgone conclusion that someone is out to get you 
and you will be disqualified...

Jeezus, chill out - this is almost as bad as saying you will be 
disqualified for logging a 5A1 when it was in reality an HA1 with a bad 
fist and you just copied what was sent... oooops, that was twenty some 
odd years ago in NCJ... things never change!

Jim, K4OJ

Nate Bargmann wrote:
> * Dick Green <dick.green at valley.net> [2003 Jul 14 16:26 -0500]:
>>That's why I logged it as "VRONA", then edited it to be VERONA in the
>>Cabrillo file.
>>73, Dick WC1M
> Hi Dick and all.
> Has anyone talked to Dan Henderson N1ND over at ARRL HQ about this?  I
> think he would be the "go to guy" on this as he's in charge of the
> Contest Branch.
> 73, de Nate >>

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