[ct-user] HELP with Cabrillo

W. David Paperman wpaper at ev1.net
Sun Jul 27 12:13:35 EDT 2003


I have been trying to get my IARU log in shape to send to ARRL for a day
now! No luck getting it in to Cabrillo format. Even WT4I does not
recognize the text file, yet I can (under the WT4I edit function) bring
it up and save it!

1. I am software illiterate (relatively).

2. I need a step by step to get his thing in shape for submission. My
brain is too "fuzzed" after trying innumerable combinations! 

3. The 'test was closed in the "Writelog" mode. (Perhaps that was where
my trouble started).

All files generated by the "Writelog" command are "good".
The .bin file has not be tampered with.

CT Version is 9.89.003 recently downloaded to this computer. The
software worked flawlessly during the contest.

OS is W98

This is almost stressful enough to make me drop out of contesting -

Where do I go from here, other than nuts!!!!!!?????

Dave, W5WP

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