[ct-user] FW: Does CT support M2 in WPX?

Phil PhilHSS at Breathemail.net
Tue Mar 4 10:00:58 EST 2003

Well, I've not heard from anyone on this aspect, so I am rather guessing
that either I've got it all terribly wrong and the software does indeed
perform correctly for M2 in WPX (in which case could someone please tell me
where I am going wrong!), else, CT needs an update but nobody has as yet
requested it.

So, can I make a formal appeal for M2 to be supported by CT for WPX please?



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Subject: Does CT support M2 in WPX?

I've just spent some time getting my laptops ready for the WPX contest later
this month.

Both laptops are using CT version 9.87 and are setup to communicate via
Ethernet to each other, and serial ports to the FT1000MPs and the packet
TNC. All seems well, with Station 1 as RUN1 and Station 2 as RUN2.

However, I can't seem to get full functionality as regards serial numbers on
each station (I believe that the rules require each station to have it's own
sequential numbering) and the band change count per hour (I believe that the
rules specify a maximum number).

To my mind either I've set up something incorrectly, my brain has remembered
the rules incorrectly or CT does not support this section of WPX yet.

Can anyone advise please?



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